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We are grateful that you are considering contributing. Policonomics need users’ contributions (such as corrections or improvements of existing definitions, or new ones) in order to keep improving.

First of all, make sure the definition has not been written using the search tool available at our Homepage. Then, look for reliable sources and start writing your definition.

Try to be concise, do not paraphrase and, most of all, keep it simple. We want our definitions to be between a 100 and 500 words, no more. We believe that, if definitions are too long, users will feel forced to “scan” throughout the article, instead of reading and understanding it. Think which definitions and Learning Paths are related to the definition you are sending us, so we make sure they appear in the “Related” boxes.

Be reliable, try to look for various sources before starting a definition. Policonomics is not responsible for any copyright infringements made by its contributors. Please, read our Terms of use.

Policonomics will keep a database for its contributors, who will be asked their permission. This database will consist of Names and Emails, nothing else. We need this data for future contests and for legal purposes only. This data will not be used for marketing purposes and will not be shared with third parties. Please read our Privacy Policy.

You can send us your contribution using our contribute form. Thank you!